The Bluestone of Boaz Vaadia

There was a visiting sculpture exhibit at the Ann Norton Sculpture Garden.

The art was by an Israeli-American, Boaz Vaadia (1951 – 2017).

Sculptures were displayed on the lawn. They appeared friendly and playful.

Yo’ah with Dog by Boaz Vaadia

Small, bluestone homonids were posed doing various tasks.

Shimshon by Boaz Vaadia

Some were accompanied by their little bluestone dogs.

Each little stone man had personality.  I am sure the folks that work there (and the bird) will miss these little guys when they move on to their next location.

This Boaz Vaadia exhibit at the Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens was supposed to end on May 6, 2018.  I am so glad we got to see it.


4 thoughts on “The Bluestone of Boaz Vaadia

  1. Cool entry – love the bluestone pets. I just finished a blog entry on one of Vaadia’s sculptures “David” on Polydras street in New Orleans.

    Thanks for sharing.


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