What’s so Great about Grass?

We may need to rethink this fescue fetish we have here in America.

Who needs grass when you can have your own meadow and eat it too?

Bright yellow Dandelions and greens mixed with a tiny purple blooming mint named Gill-over-the-ground and violets.  Why that’s a giant salad. When is the last time you’ve eaten grass?


Not only is it lovely, but Goldfinches eat the dandelion seeds too.  Recognize that yellow?



Now you tell me how a lawn of nothing but green could beat this?

Birds and Blooms.   Just what I love.



5 thoughts on “What’s so Great about Grass?

  1. My mother used to pick the very first dandelion leaves for salads. They tasted a bit bitter if they weren’t young enough. Sometimes she put a piece of cloth over them before picking. If they came up almost white they tasted sweeter. She had this as a tradition from mer mother who was French.

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