What is it about this color?

Apricot Drift rose

Maybe it reminds me of eating Dreamcycle ice creams on the sidewalk in elementary school or orange sherbert at my grandparents home.

My daddy’s famous, homemade peach ice cream is this dreamy, creamy orange.


Juicy cantaloupe is this color.  More food?   I forgot lunch again.

Delosperma ‘Fire Spinner’

My daughter’s prom dress was a peachy color.

Super Trouper Dianthus

Okay, you get it.   I love orange..and purple.

Flame azalea and Night Affair iris

It’s happy but soothing when tinted with a hint of cream.

I can’t pass up a plant with blooms that are peachy, melon or salmon colored.

Flame Azalea ‘Gibralter’

It’s one of my daughter’s favorite colors, too.

I planted this ‘Super Trouper’ orange Dianthus in her garden while she’s been away.

She is a Super Trouper, so it is fitting.

This iris is a late bloomer, worth the wait.

Jelly Roll iris

The fairy garden got this tiny Superbells Calibrachia ‘Dreamsicle’, of course.

Calibrachia Super bells ‘Dreamsicle’

Yes. I do love orange.  I would have written a poem about it, but since nothing rhymes with orange…



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