If Iris were Dresses

If Iris were dresses, I’d have quite a wardrobe.

There would never be worries about what to wear.

I’d wear Persian Berry to the ballet

and dream that I too am leaping and twirling.

Easter Sunday would call for the bright, sunny yellow of Banana Frappe’.

For a run south of the border, I’d don Thunder Echo

and dance the Tango and Rumba in practical shoes with ruby buckles.

A skyscraper evening with sparkling drinks would require Immortality with diamonds.

For a night on the town, I would slip on Little Much, full of ruffles and sparkles.

For a trip to the seashore the attire would be Shipshape,

with matching blue flip flops and a straw bag and hat.

An evening at the symphony deserves an attire of Night Affair with amethyst earrings.

But since iris are just flowers and I just the gardener,

I’ll slip on my apron with tools in its pocket and dream in my garden,

My garden of dreams.




18 thoughts on “If Iris were Dresses

  1. These bearded iris are gorgeous! My favorites are the Persian Berry and Thunder Echo. I do have a question, my large bearded iris often flop over and even break from the weight of the stalk- do you stake your flower stalks?

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  2. I love these irises displaying their bold and delicate glory as they celebrate spring! Humans are blessed to have the beautiful iris, and the iris is blessed to have a careful and loving gardener like you.

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  3. I have always loved iris – my grandmother was an avid gardener and always had lots of roses and iris. When I was little, my name for iris was “crayons” because of the look of their buds.

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