How My Lent is Spent

While the pious people give up something they love for Lent,

the Flower shamelessly indulges in one of her favorite activities.

Don’t judge me!

When else would I decorate Easter eggs?

When I start this activity, my library is clean.

As I progress, the napkin pieces pile up and scraps blow down.

The glitter gets scattered and the glue gets smattered.

Clean up?  I find neatness stifling to my creative spirit.

I do occasionally sweep a path so that I won’t slip on a swath

or roll to my knees on those fancy microbeads.

The mess progresses until I am finished… Otherwise…

If one cleans up too soon, one may find it necessary to sort through the trash for a needed scrap.

When I finally finish after weeks of play,  I mean work;

I fill baskets with my tiny masterpieces and give them to the people that I love.

Or strangers.

This is how I pass my time WAITING (Foreshadowing for future pOst)  for spring to arrive,

Playing with paper flowers inside until all the real ones can bloom outside.


10 thoughts on “How My Lent is Spent

  1. Oh my goodness, these are beautiful! (Flower, do you have an option on your blog to subscribe by email? I can’t find it, if so, and I’d love to read your posts regularly. I’m not generally user of the wordpress reader facility, prefering to get an email from thos blogs I follow. I suspect I miss a great deal on your lovely blog!)


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