The Stone Tool

I live along the Catawba River.

I see all kinds of rocks.  Round river rocks and white quartz catch my eye.

The stone I found yesterday stood out because of its perfectly flat polished surface.

I turned it over in my hand several times.


There were also polished indentations on each side.

I put the stone in my palm and wrapped my fingers around it.

Worn spots for index tip and side of thumb. Slick flat bottom for grinding.

It fit just like a glove.  It was like connecting with an ancestor.

The photos do not do this justice.  I wish you could feel this in your hand.  It is amazing.

The grinding tool/manos was made for a person with hands the exact size as mine.

Indentation worn for the thumb.

I would never have figured this out if I had not turned it around in my hand.

This isn’t just a tool, it’s a treasure.


11 thoughts on “The Stone Tool

  1. Almost no one would have given this rock a second look or thought. But examining this one small stone has left us imagining who might have lived there long ago on your land beside the Catawba River. I love it!

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  2. This is mind-blowing! Time-travel! I can vividly imagine your feelings and thoughts when you understood this. And I know what you must feel. Much so because I once had a very similar experience, wandering across the desolate moors of the island Orust on the west coast of Sweden. I came to a big rock, and I saw from far away that it was flat like a table. It blew my mind away as I came close, seeing the tabletop covered with flint chips and splinters. A few were finished knives and scrapes. I was carried away, much like you with the soft rock in your hand. For a moment I found myself expecting the flint smith to return any moment to continue his work.
    I’ve never been there again. I don’t know if I would find it. The moor is vast and there were no footpaths. But I’ll never forget the feeling!

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