Spoiled Bunnies

I wanted to post pictures of big bunny tracks for Ilze’s girls in Latvia.

That would require my bunnies to walk in some snow.

Is that too much to ask?  Apparently, yes.

These two photos are the best that I could do.

They are spoiled you see.

I spent two days shoveling snow off the deck above the bunny yard so they would not get dripped on.

The bunnies spent the snow days snacking and napping.

They do not like coldness and wetness.

Barley looking at snow.
Charlotte peeking in the French doors of the bunny room.

They are not wild bunnies you see.

They are spoiled bunnies.



13 thoughts on “Spoiled Bunnies

      1. They are lovely, my children had a Dutch rabbit and it ran free and was very tame.. It was love to sunbathe laying stretched out 🙂 We have our own weather system here today also. Storm Georgina ..

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