Where do all the Bulbs Go?

I have planted hundreds of bulbs in my gardens.

Some stick around and multiply, others disappear.

Where do they go?

I mark them with swizzle sticks, so I won’t dig them up by accident or plop a plant on top of them.

So I know where they were planted.

I go back to that spot and there is nothing but soil.


Did they rot or were they eaten?

We shall see.

I am planting two sets of crocus bulbs inside suet baskets.


These are no longer needed here, because our raccoons love suet.

I learned this in the middle of an experiment to learn which suet was preferred by which birds.

The raccoons ripped the baskets out of the trees and carried them off to open them and eat the suet.

By the way, the raccoons liked the berry suet best. It always got torn down first.

I had three baskets last year. Two were found in isolated locations. One was never found.

I have put five bulbs in each of two suet baskets.


I doubt my little friends can eat their way through these.

I will share the results in the spring.

Maybe I can close down the bulb buffet.





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