Lovely and Lively Chinese Lanterns

I was fortunate to see the Chinese Lantern Festival at Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens.

It has been there since September 7th and ends this Sunday, October 29th.

Each figure was made of metal frames with colored acetate pulled over it,

Details were painted on. They are illuminated from the inside.

Some have moving parts, while others are accompanied by animal sounds.

It was hard to pick favorites for this brief post.  Here are a few of my best photos.

The arch over the entrance was spectacular.


The displays were set up in groupings that might occur in nature.

The African Migration display seemed to be the favorite of children.


Family groups of animals were tucked into niches throughout the gardens.


This male lion was alone and on guard as is natural.


This snail stole my heart.


The chameleon had a moving tongue as though eating its fly.IMG_5529

The huge and colorful sea display was worth sitting down to watch. The lights in the bells of the jellyfish moved rhythmically as the bell would contract in real life.


The whale was a friendly giant.


Giant birds and insects were positioned along paths and in trees.


Each lantern was an amazing piece of artwork. I could have spent hours looking around.

FLOWER on the Move.

10 thoughts on “Lovely and Lively Chinese Lanterns

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed the photos. Our local lantern parade is not as sophisticated as this one and not permanent either. The children love it nevertheless. Perhaps they like the adventure of being out after dark too.


    1. There were many children there. Many tiny girls were wearing sparkles and tutus.. Some children had their stuffed animals. Some were in strollers peeking out. We noticed several start to cry when they realized that they were leaving. It was a wonderland.
      It was crowded. My sister ran block and helped me get clear photos by announcing “NOW” ,when there was a break in the flow. I still got lots of heads and arms in pictures.

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  2. Hi,
    I’m glad to see that when your own garden is on the wane now that fall is making its regressive moves, that’s when your pilgrimage makes progress into gardens of art and imagination. It’s such a pleasure accompanying you wherever you go, whether it be this wonderful Chinese garden, or the workshop of the bark carver. In both these posts I feel invited into fairy-tale imaginations. Thank you for bringing me there!

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