See Everything by Looking for Nothing

This life lesson started out with a lost lens cap.

It fell out of my pocket in the woods.

IMG_5077 Now it’s fall here.

So if I don’t find it soon, it will be covered with leaves.

There are no paths in my woods.


I meander around without much notice of my location.

These are my woods. I can’t get lost, but a lens cap can.

I felt obliged to go look for it. It would be easier to find a needle in a haystack.

I took my camera, as usual.

I was looking for a round, dark, man-made object.

Here are my pictures from the search.


Round, dark, man-made objects.  Blah!


Today, I went into my woods looking for nothing.

I found everything!

Moss, mushrooms, fairy houses, lichens…

and (NO LIE) the lens cap.


Open mind… Open eyes…

See everything while looking for nothing.

Go with the FLOW.

7 thoughts on “See Everything by Looking for Nothing

  1. Congratulations! its like a day with my husband “where is the (fill in the blank)” I saw tires and a 55 gallon drum, I hope you made your husband haul these off, given you have probably found his wallet a hundred times by now.

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    1. Honestly, it was the fairy house. My sister and I used to look for them in the mountains . This one was the perfect size, up between two trees. It even looked as though it had a door. Zoom in on that picture to see for yourself. I love to think there is magic in my woods.


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