An Evening Walk in the Woods

I took a walk down our road this evening.

I wanted to photograph two of our wildflowers.

Jewelweed/ Impatiens capensis/Touch me nots

The orange Jewel weed was being molested by a group of hummingbirds.


They were zipping through the patch, shaking the plants and making all kinds of racket.


Periodically one would sit and rest on the nearby Pokeberry weed.


I also wanted to get some pictures of hearts-a-bustin’.

Hearts-a-bustin/ Euonymus americanus

I cut across my neighbors’ property on the way home.

I found even more fungi.

Red -belted polypore/ bracket fungi

This snail is having this knocked-over-one for supper.

IMG_4304I gave it back after the photo.

Amanita ? Poisonous ? Never eat tall white.


‘Tis the season!

Snail on a mushroom on a tree. Food chain!

Snails love their ‘shrooms!


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