A Hoya

I have never had a Hoya that bloomed until now.

I think the secret is to ignore them.  This one could not be reached with the hose.

My other three show no signs of blooming.

I first spotted little brown clusters hanging down from the stems.


Then the clusters enlarged and turned a pale shiny pink.


Then one by one the flowers opened to reveal the red, star centers.


The cluster slowly became a beautiful ball.


Today the clusters of flowers were fully open.


This is a real thrill!


FLOWER has a new flower.

8 thoughts on “A Hoya

    1. Thanks. I also took picture of a Swallotail butterfly developing, but it flew away while I wasn’t watching. At least you got to see yours with wings. I am fascinated by growth and development. I tried to document frog eggs, but our greedy Koi ate all the tadpoles.

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      1. We ended up with around 50 chrysalises, which improved our chances of seeing (and photographing) a couple emerge. It is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen and made me feel so determined to honour and protect the natural environment.

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  1. I agree with Sue that you show the development of the flowers in a very fine way. And I understand very well your fascination. Here in Sweden – or at least in my family 🙂 – we call these porcelain flowers. I have one, but it hasn’t bloomed yet. I got it from a friend half a year ago, so there’s hope. I visited another friend in Stockholm a month ago. He’s a widower like myself and he has kept one of these that his wife planted many years ago. It is enormous and covers a whole wall in his apartment. And this time it was full of flowers. I was impressed, to say the least. And they smell lovely.

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