My Fair Weather Friends

It’s just like some to show up only when things are good.

Here are two of my buddies that appear when the sun shines.

Slim is not our biggest nor boldest.  He is an acrobat.


I sit and watch him move as though I am the one being charmed.


Plop decided he needed to down-size this spring.


He usually perches overlooking the Koi pond.

Since the largest fish is now huge,


he feels more secure by the door in the Shubunkins’ above-ground pond.


FLOWER loves her friends.

13 thoughts on “My Fair Weather Friends

    1. This is an Black Kingsnake. We have a big rat snake named Scar who is not well behaved. We also have Racers which are very aggressive. We have a GIANT water snake we call “The Beast.” We have not gotten photos of him yet.

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    1. Thanks. You will probably like our porch tree frog, Mortimer, as well. He has not shown up yet. He lives behind a painting on the front porch. Last year he brought home a friend. Their markings were so different. It was like two living pieces of art on the wall.

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  1. Wow – that snake is quite the climber! I thought it was a rat snake too, but learned otherwise from the comments. I honestly don’t know if I could learn to relax with that many snakes around. I know it’s totally silly, but I have such a snake phobia – even if they aren’t dangerous. Totally irrational, I know… I do love frogs though – would love to have some of those in my garden! 🙂

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    1. I only have trouble with one, Scar. He is rather large and tends to hang near the bunny yard. His scar came from me. He hissed into my face from the fence after a territory battle. He will be relocated across the river if he misbehaves again. I don’t like to kill snakes, but I will kill this one. He is too big and bold.


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