Preventing Dormancy

Winter is here in North Carolina.  It’s hard for the plant people.

Outside is all browns and grays and cold.

To keep from going dormant myself, I have indoor gardens in pots.


I keep myself surrounded by green.


I coo and ooh over every new sprout or leaf.


Here are my upstairs gardens.


The downstairs gardens may be shared later, after a major clean-up.

For now, I keep myself alive by turning and tending these potted plants.


They reward me by continuing to grow, while everything outside is dormant.



10 thoughts on “Preventing Dormancy

  1. Bonjour Flower, toutes ces plantes vertes sont magnifiques et vous en prenez grand soin. Si le temps est gris, toutes ces magnifiques plantes mettent du baume au coeur 🙂 Toutes mes félicitations pour vos réussites.
    J’espère que vous allez mieux.
    Mes amitiés et belle journée.

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  2. I randomly came across your site and love young, emerging plants – along with living in NC as well. Hope you had lovely weather the past two days and were able to emerge for a bit!

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