My Brain and Pain

I am hobbling around again.  Do not pity me. I have good insurance and a great doctor.

This is temporary.   It will be fixed.

In the meantime, I chose to learn the lessons taught by experience.

I am noticing others hobbling and limping.  I whisper a prayer for their healing.

I have been here before. I know the tole chronic pain takes on your mind.

It is like being punished for moving.  I am a mover. This is frustrating.

My right knee gave out on another trip years ago. This time it was a tour of the Biltmore House with the eighth grade. Thousands of painful steps. Up, down all around. No sitting down.

I digress. This is what happens when there is always pain.

It reminds me of a Vonnegut story from Welcome to the Monkey House, Harrison Bergeron.

In the short story everyone is made equal by handicaps. The physically strong must wear weights, the beautiful wear masks and the smart people have noises blasting in their ears to disrupt their train of thought.

This is where pain comes in. I am only taking OTC medications, so I know it is the pain that is chopping up my thoughts into fragments.

For me this will end soon with an injection or a surgery. I just pray that all those other folks with canes and crutches can get some help.

The problem is in my knee, but it doesn’t stop there.



5 thoughts on “My Brain and Pain

  1. Bonsoir Flow, merci de vos mots, je commençais à m’inquiéter… je souhaite de tout coeur que vous guérissez de votre genou et que les douleurs partent, c’est très pénible.
    Pour ma part, depuis 19 ans, je souffre d’un acouphène dans l’oreille gauche et tous les jours, du matin au soir, j’ai une sonnette dans l’oreille. Bien entendu, j’ai consulté des médecins et tous m’ont dit que l’on ne peut rien faire, il faut vivre avec. Je connais trois médecins chez qui je vais et les trois ont aussi des acouphènes. Certains jours, c’est très fort et cela me prive de vie sociale mais je me dis qu’il y a plus grave.
    Je vous souhaite une prompte guérison afin que vous puissiez vous occuper à nouveau de vos belles plantes.
    Que votre soirée soit douce avec toute mon amitié.
    Bises 🙂


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