Seeds for Tomorrow

No matter how you feel today, you must plan for tomorrow.

Winter is coming.

Your plants know this.  They are setting seed.

Hibiscus seed pod

What are you going to do?  Let them fall to the ground to rot or be eaten?

No. You are going out there and collect those seeds to save and share.

Four O’clock seeds

There is no use buying the same type seeds next spring.  They may not be the exact hybrid.

Flying Saucer seeds
Flying Saucer Flower

It takes only minutes. Take envelopes with a marker.

Butterfly Weeds pod
Butterfly weed seeds

Write the name of the plant on an envelope and put a number of seeds in it.

Bind weed
Bind weed seeds

I take requests, so I save many seeds from some plants to share.

I even save weed seeds that I like to plant along my driveway.

Think forward, now that winter is coming.  Prepare for tomorrow.

FLOWER’s seed bank. I will share.

Get ready gardeners.  Think spring!

FLOWER in the fall.

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