Whose Clothes are These?

Fall is here in North Carolina.

In addition to moving tender plants in,

I am also tackling the task of switching out summer for fall clothes in my closet.

What an eye-opener this has been.


You see, I buy clothes for the person I WANT to be.

I do not wear them because I am NOT that person.

It looks like at my age I would be over this,

but it seems to be worse than ever.

I found many items that I have never worn. Some even had tags attached.

I sat and stared at this strange assortment and realized I am further away

from the intended wearer of these clothes than I have ever been.

I am not sure I can get there from here.


10 thoughts on “Whose Clothes are These?

  1. Laughing with you, is your closet saying you are more hip, less hip or just want to cover your hip? I fall into ‘on sale’ and bad decisions stemming from ‘on sale’. I also have an absurd amount of winter clothes for a smaller person with smaller hips!

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  2. Bonjour Floweralley, vous me faites rire 🙂 Moi aussi, je devrais faire le tri dans mes armoires mais il me faut du courage… c’est fou, ce que l’on peut accumuler, j’ai aussi des vêtements que je ne porte jamais!
    Mes amitiés

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  3. You need a really good friend to help you go through your closet. People in California have the advantage of wearing summer clothes year round , but we have the advantage of covering up in the fall and winter. I always admired my Muslim patients sense of style and modesty. They were completely covered from head to toe except face and hands but could still wear jeans underneath if they wished and had the most beautiful fabrics for scarves . Modesty and comfort trumps all else.

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