Glads Flop

I love gladiolas but…


They are boring before they bloom.

They bloom for only a short time.

They fall over when it rains.

When they are done blooming they are messy.


I have tried really hard to accommodate them this year.

In their defense, I did make the mistake of planting them on a hill.

I did plant them in a row, when I usually do groupings.

So these were my mistakes.

I did do some things right.

I staggered the planting times by two weeks.

They are deer resistant, so they have not been snacked on like my hostas and daylilies.

I chose colors that I thought would complement each other.

I also developed a new colorful way of staking them using giant pick-up sticks painted green with recycled glass balls on the ends, to prevent impalement as I weed them.


I planted groups of Acidanthera/Gladiolus callianthus on the ends of the rows to extend bloom time. (These have not bloomed, yet.)

But in the end, they were a flop.

Figuratively and literally.

Another disappointment was the colors in a package named ‘Mardi Gras’.

What should have been a festive mix turned out to be two colors, fuschia and white.  Clunk!


The only reasons I haven’t written the company yet are I lost the package and the whites had purple stamens. I love purple, so they are keepers.


They other package of  ‘Pricilla’ was lovely.


I will dig these corms up and haul them in for the winter,

but there will be a whole new plan next year.

Follow the FLOWER’s flops.



3 thoughts on “Glads Flop

  1. In my garden in Atlanta I was surprised the spring after we bought our house by a row of Priscilla Glads. Smack in the middle of the front lawn! I thought Ewww, funeral flowers, but lacking many plants I kept them and moved them around in groups. Eventually, I learned to love them and still miss the foliage and flowers for flower arrangements!

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