Uncover Your Roots


Tree roots are like sculpture.


I have been cleaning around my tree trunks for several weeks.

I use a digger, clippers and several sizes of bristle brushes.


I have cut off crossing roots that cut into the bark

and even removed some rocks surrounded by bark.


I felt like I was removing a thorn from a lion’s paw.

I could almost hear the trees sigh.


These lovely shapes were made by the tree.

I just enhanced them with my tools.


This is where I sit to hide. It’s like a tree throne.

Stay tuned for the magical transformation in the coming weeks.

Follow the sneaky FLOWER.


4 thoughts on “Uncover Your Roots

    1. I love that you called these bone pictures of trees. That is exactly what they are. We tend to only notice the leaves and blooms, but the actual structure of trees is beautiful also.


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