My Flock of Friends

My flock of friends flew in yesterday.


They filled the trees with excitement.


Groups took turns swooping down to visit my Foster Holly.


The party lasted from morning ’til evening.



Just at dusk, they lifted from the tree tops and flew away.


I do not know where the Cedar Waxwings come from or where they go when they leave.


But they know where my Foster Holly is


and stop by every spring to feast on its berries and rest as they journey.

Follow the Flock.



5 thoughts on “My Flock of Friends

  1. What a nice sign of spring! When I was about 7 or 8, my dad brought home an injured Waxwing. I tried to nurse it back to health, and was devastated when it died a day or two later. Maybe if I had had access to a Foster Holly it would have survived?

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  2. Jimmy and I love Cedar Waxwings. We had not seen a flock in many years until about a month ago. We were walking on our trails and came upon a flock–beautiful!

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