Start Your Seeds

It’s time.   Finally.

Here’s what you need to start your seeds.



SEEDS can be what you’ve collected yourself (See Save the Seeds Post),

or what your friends sent you in their Christmas cards,

or some you bought.


SOIL must be fine for small seeds in pots .

or loosened and enriched with organic  material, like compost or chopped leaves.

Think of it as plant “baby food”. You wouldn’t give a baby a big chunk to eat. Break it up.


If you use a Jiffy tray, keep it covered. Do not put this little greenhouse in direct sun or you will cook your babies.



SIGNS can be anything weather proof. I use colorful plastic knives from the party store.

If these need to be legible for long periods, etch the plant names with a Dremel Tool.


Six weeks from now these babies will go outside.

NOW…Start your seeds!

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