I Just Won the Lottery, sort of…

I found another treasure yesterday.

Rare Treasures from the Library of the Natural History Museum.




It is NOT just a book.

It is a book of art about art in a box with art.  JACKPOT!


There are thirty-six , 10 x 13 prints of famous paintings.


I have studied many of these works for years in my reading about plant hunters and their rare finds.

Thornton’s “The Queen Flower” of Strelitizia reginae/Bird-of-paradise (and my shoe)

I feel like I have the whole world in my hands.

And now they are MINE…ALL MINE!

There are enough prints in here to cover every wall in this house with beauty.

Art with a story behind it.


The who, the what, the when and the where.


It cost $19.95.

SEE…. I did win the lottery. Sort of.




4 thoughts on “I Just Won the Lottery, sort of…

  1. Wow…are you going to frame them and do a wall of them? I am so attracted to botanical prints. I have a Pinterest board where I collect them. I was tempted to by a real one of an Abutilon I found on line but it was $75. A whole box that is a real find. : )


    1. They are by famous artists, too. Not just paint by numbers and mass-produced. I am bothered by inaccurate botanicals. (OCD)
      They are on card-stock-like paper, so they are really frame worthy. I am thrilled, as you can tell.
      The book gives the history of each.

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  2. Nice find indeed! I recently read a book about the first plant hunters who were out collecting for the Kew Gardens. Fascinating stories… We have it easy these days when all we have to do is snap a photo. 🙂

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