Liken’ a Lichen

I love plants and fungi.

So how could I not like a lichen? It is both plant(algae) and fungi.

This is called symbiosis.

I hate to admit that I picked this up, stuck it in the pocket of my coat and forgot about it.


Later, I reached in and found this dried up wad.

Amazingly, it plumped back up when I put a few drops of water on it.


I chopped it into pieces to put under the microscope.


Fruiting body. Looks like a tiny cup.


Do not worry about its survival. All the pieces are happily growing in one of the terrariums.



5 thoughts on “Liken’ a Lichen

  1. I love this lichen. I have used it in my Christmas wreaths, it is especially pretty if you can find it with the tiny red berries (?). It really likes to grow on wild cherry trees especially dieing limbs.

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