Post-Holiday Plant Rescue

I can’t stand to see a plant suffer.

Shopping after the holidays is particularly painful, because I know that any “gift” plants left in the stores will die a dry and sunless death.

This year I rescued two, tiny, Norfolk Island Pines that were covered in glitter. One of these was given to my sister. The other is recovering  nicely with me.

Norfolk Island Pine/ Araucaria heterophylla

It really perked up when I replanted it. I tried to remove the glitter, but it would not wash off.



The other rescue was an Minerva amaryllis bulb in a box. (Did anyone see those dipped in colored wax? )

I had all ready been given a Minerva, which has sprouted several inches since Christmas. When I saw this one crammed onto a clearance shelf, I knew its days were numbered.


I brought it home, wet it down and peeled back some of the many dried, brown layers.  It stayed white for almost a week, but finally a little hint of green is showing at the top.


I just couldn’t bring myself to rescue any of the spray-painted cacti.

Who are these people?

Follow the push-over Flower.

(Don’t anybody dare drop a puppy off at my driveway!)



10 thoughts on “Post-Holiday Plant Rescue

  1. LOL! Good for you! I don’t trust myself when garden centre sales are on as I always end up with something that needs nursing back to health! I managed to find one of the very few Poinsettias NOT sprinkled with glitter or dyed a hideous colour this Christmas. I hate to think where those unsold plants end up…. I really love your new pine, and I couldn’t see any glitter on the photo. I have seen how they actually use glue to keep it in place!


  2. You have a kind heart 🙂

    My sweetheart ‘rescues’ plants too, including an indoors one I had in too small a pot, so “it couldn’t achieve its full potential”. Several pots later it is so big I can hardly lift it, which is unfortunate as it has a summer spot and a winter spot!

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