Bunny Frenzy

A tornado of activity has hit the bunny room in the basement. Charlotte, the female, is hauling every scrap of straw and blanket into the hutch. She is moving so fast, I can’t even get a clear photo of her. She’s a blur of fur!


She tried to tear off pieces of my shoes while they were still on my feet.  She even stuffed the end of a curtain into her mouth and tried to pull it down to carry it to her nest.


I have witnessed a false pregnancy in another female rabbit, Fluffy, years ago. This is more drastic and urgent. She cannot stop tearing up boxes and material and hauling them into the sleeping room of the hutch.


This activity started last night and reached a fever pitch during a storm this morning. After adding the final touches with her own hair, she was finally satisfied with her nest and came out to rest.


Barley, the male, seems puzzled by her urgent activities. He did try to comfort her at one point, but does not feel the need to help with the nest building. He was neutered months ago and has not been his usual frisky self since.


Barley is more of a thinker than a doer. He seems to sit and ponder life’s questions.  Where does hay come from? When will mom fill up the food bowl? Will the “fresh” tonight be carrots and cilantro or apples and Swiss chard?  I wonder…

I hope Charlotte won’t be too disappointed when no babies arrive. I will leave the nest for a while and see what happens next.

If there are babies, I will be getting a big, ole refund from the vet.

Follow the Frenzy.

7 thoughts on “Bunny Frenzy

    1. I only have the two rabbits. They do spend time outside in their fenced in yard/herb garden, but I doubt that a wild rabbit would consider her a suitable mate since she is roughly five times his size. Also the bottom part of the fence is reinforced with several layers. She seems less urgent today, but does not want me to disturb her nest. She is still pulling out her hair, but did go outside for a bit this morning. Let’s hope this phase ends soon.


    1. I could feel her panic yesterday.
      We were wondering if it was the full moon or barometric pressure.
      My friend, Marybeth, joked that she was building an arc due to the monsoon-like weather.
      She has calmed down some today.


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