Paper Gardens

When all my real plants go dormant, I play with paper plants, flowers and birds.


First I take the back two layers off of the napkin and cut it into pieces.


I paint spots on the object with Mod Podge glue using a sponge brush.


Once the whole object is covered with napkin pieces, I let it dry.

Then, I check for bald spots and paint the whole thing again with diluted glue.

This is when you can sprinkle it with glitter.



If you don’t add glitter, you may want to spray the balls with a clear acrylic spray to seal them.


It’s addictive this decaupage.


I actually have a napkin collection.


In the late fall, I decorate Christmas ornaments.


In the early spring, I switch over to Easter eggs.

2014 eggs 003

I invite friends over to play with my napkins, glue and glitter.

It’s like being in kindergarten again.

Fun and messy.

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