I Sat with an Assassin

I sat down beside an assassin on a bench in the sun.

I looked over and there she was,  looking back at me like an unwanted intruder.


Our eyes met as we sized each other up.

I was clearly bigger, but she was armed and had on armor.


Was this bench in the sun worth fighting over?

My instincts told me to move away,

but I was fascinated by her fearlessness.



Her slow, deliberate movements were mesmerizing.

She kept her eyes on me as she stretched out her arms and tilted her head.

I knew she was part of the Reduviidae clan.


I recognized her weapon. I knew the harm it could do.

So why did I sit beside this assassin, Arilus Cristatus?

We both felt that the bench was ours.

We both wanted to pause in the sunshine.


Neither of us chose to do battle.

Finally, she crawled over the back of the bench.

Feeling her way with her long arms.

Dragging her weapon beneath her.


Follow the fearless FLOWER.


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