Know the Name

I am a gardener, but I’m also a biologist.
Because of this,I want to know the name of the plants I find.
If you have ever used a dicotomous key. You know that you can answer one question wrong in the series of many questions and end up with the wrong class and family name. This means you have to start all over again to find the actual species name.
In other words, you can’t get there from here.

Manual of Vascular Flora of the Carolinas
Manual of Vascular Flora of the Carolinas

I have a dicotomous key for plants in the Carolinas that is rather large. I have used it quite a bit over the years. There are also keys on-line associated with universities or companies that can be used. I struggle with these when I have to back-track.

There’s a new way to help find the name of a flower. It’s an app called Like That Garden. I have this on my phone.


I have tested it out on plants at home that I know. You take a picture of the flower. The app scans the photo and comes up with a list of possible names and photos of those choices.  I think color is the main searching factor because several times a totally different shape of flower would appear as a choice, but the color was true to my mystery flower.

You then confirm that the apps’ picture is a match and it stores your pictures and location along with its data. I used this app to identify two wildflowers in Volterra, Italy.  Now my data is part of the information bank.



The app keeps track of the plants I have identified in my phone with the date and their location.


If you are like me in needing to know plant names, you will love this app. It has a huge bank of photos at your fingertips. You won’t need a ruler or to know the leaf venation nor arrangement. You just need to find a match for your photo. I even took a photo of a flower on my computer screen to see if it could identify it.

It’s like having a new toy.

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