Lost and Found

I lost this week’s post in cyber-space. I am new to this blogging and sometimes I click in the wrong spot and lose things that I do want or add things that I don’t want. It’s not so easy, all this typing and clicking.

My post was a question, but I have answered it myself now.

Two days have gone by.  I have seen a doctor and been given a big ugly boot to wear.

I have visited my precious, “produce-sharing” parents.  I have spent the night with my sister.

We spent the past two days taking care of a tree. Not just any tree, Mark’s tree. Our cousin who left us.

We spent the first day gently removing it from its pot and inspecting its roots. We measured for a new pot and trimmed out its dead twigs.

The next day we drove to many places to find the right pot and new soil.

Then we carefully teased out some of its roots and re-potted it.

My mother arrived in time to advise on its location and position in the natural area behind Rachel’s house.

Mark's Maple
Mark’s Maple

Plants are not just plants. They are living connections between the people who share them.

I have a “Gran plant” which I have shared with many of the Dudleys.  I have a “Great Grandma Pearson Peony” which has been shared, and will continue to be shared every third year.  I have a fig tree from a dear family friend, Miss Robbie, that grows beside the reading porch to give dappled shade.

These are my living connections to these people I love(present tense), who are not here for me to touch or to talk to.

I am surrounded by living memories of the friends and family, who shared their love and love of plants with me.

Mine isn’t just a garden. It’s my life I’m standing among. My past and my future.

“Gran Dudley’s” plant
Pearson Peony
Pearson Peony
Miss Robbie's Fig
Miss Robbie’s Fig

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