Serendipitous Surprises

I am working on a “Weeds” post, so I have been taking pictures of all my weeds.

You will love this when it’s done.  It has song lyrics.

While I was out lamenting the success of all the pesky weeds,

I also took pictures of lovely plants that I did not plant. At least not on purpose.

Here are some serendipitous surprises.

Sunflowers from birdseed.
Sunflowers from birdseed.
Butternut squash from buried compost.
Butternut squash from buried compost.
Pumpkin? Jack is that you?

4 thoughts on “Serendipitous Surprises

  1. I was very pleasantly surprised when you stopped in my little slice of heaven garden shop, last week! Thank you for visiting and know I really enjoyed our talk (from one plant nerd to another, or plant geek to another….I’m proud of either!) I look forward to seeing you again SOON! Vine wrapping hugs to you! TAF


    1. We LOVED your dreamy setting and unusual plants. You are a flower yourself!
      We received the plant tags in the mail. Look for your lovely flora in future blog posts.


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