Safe Soil

They have come from a land of shifting sand.

Where people flee across borders to live in tents,

Where battles are fought and drones are flown,

There is no safety or certainty.

The man came first to earn and learn on this safe soil.

He studied the language,

he worked long days,

he filled out forms.

Two years went by.  The boy grew older.

Newly Arrived Family
Newly Arrived Family

Now FINALLY his family is here.

We must celebrate their arrival.

We will have a cook-out,

with cookies and watermelon.

Dinner is served!
Dinner is served!

We will make some Jazar Halwa

with ingredients familiar to them, though strange to us


Jazar Halwa
Jazar Halwa = carrots, milk, condensed milk, ghee, pistachios and raisins

Will the flash and bang of our fireworks scare them?


Or will they delight in the sparkling colors

of red, white and blue

On this safe soil.

The family on American Soil
The family reunited on American Soil

Happy July 4th  


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4 thoughts on “Safe Soil

  1. Recently I spoke with a family who came from the Ukraine many years ago. They left behind all of their belongings and were only allowed $80 with a family of four to feed. They never regretted their decision to leave. I think them very brave. Thanks for this most interesting post. 🙂


    1. My daughter befriended this young man at college. I have worried about the wife and son often. There was frequently bad news about their area in magazines and on TV. A weight is lifted from me knowing they are in the US now. It will not be easy for them, but at least they are on “safe soil”.

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