June Buddies

A quick walk around the yard with my camera to capture all my little friends in the garden.

I almost stepped on Mr. Snake while looking at clouds.  My daughter calls him “Big Guy.” He showed up at one of our parties. We had to stand in front of him as my sister-in-law passed.  I hope she doesn’t read this!

We have lizards everywhere. I suspect some arrived in bales of pine needles.  We have had baby snakes come that way also.

The tree frog on the rocks is named Mortimer. He used to stay near our front porch at a little patio pond. He has now moved onto the porch behind a piece of art.  He peeks out as we go and come. You will see him in future posts.

June buddies 001

June buddies 048

June buddies 006 Mr. SnakeLizard palsBubba on Duty

I wish this picture of the frog at my daughter’s pond did this frog justice.  He is bigger than my hand and makes a big SPLASH as he jumps into the pond.

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