A Calla you can Count On

This one is always beautiful.

Hot Chocolate Calla shows up and shows off every June.

This is the plant that I give to everyone.

Anyone who sees it, who wants it.

The best part of all is that it requires only water during dry periods.

Maybe a stake when the spathe develops and gets heavy.

Then I cut the blooms and leave these gorgeous leaves.

Flow loves her Hot Chocolate.


Crazy for Callas

These Zantedeschias are stealing the show away from the daylilies this week.


Calla is the Greek word for beautiful.  They are living up to their name.


The bloom is really a spathe(bract)


and spadix with tiny blooms.


The point on the spathe holds a drop of dew in the morning.


The variegation of the ‘Hot Chocolate’ leaves looks silver and is really clear spots in the leaves.


The colors of the spathe of ‘Captain Romance’ shift from green to pink.


These are not really lilies and they don’t come from bulbs.

Their round rhizomes are poisonous, so be careful where you store and plant them.

I always take a few in over the winter, but leave most of them out.  I am in zone 7.IMG_0335

Follow the FLOWER.