The Bricks of Bramwell

I did not just spy a row of delightful dahlias in Harold Brown’s garden.

There was also a bit of masonry work in progress.

As you may remember, I spent five years as a concrete artist of Maiden Stone Garden Art.

I was fascinated by the projects in progress.

Pavers from some recent roadwork were being recycled in the garden.

There was also a new stone bridge over a Koi pond.

I hated to stop the progress by pestering the artist, but he did pose for a photo.

I do love interesting hardscape in the landscape.


Steinway in Bramwell

It’s an amazing life when you go to West Virginia to trail ride

and end up in a mansion listening to a famous pianist serenade on a Steinway.

It’s all because of Thomas Edison, the dahlia that is.

We were strolling around the charming town of Bramwell, West Virginia

after enjoying a milkshake at the Corner Cafe’

when I spied my friend Thomas Edison over a fence.

Of course I had no choice but to intrude into the lovely garden to speak with the owner.

He turned out to be the world renowned pianist, Harold Brown.

After introducing me to his dahlias ( later post), he invited us in for a quick concert

He gifted us a signed CD which we listened to on our ride home.

The magic is back.

Thanks to Harold Brown, Thomas Edison and Mr. Flower.

Stay tuned folks. There is much more to come!