Sweet Betsy is Back

I looked for Sweet Betsy several weeks ago and there was no sign of her. I was concerned. She appeared later.

The species name is Trillium cuneatum.

Gorgeous coloration on leaves/bracts. Easy (actually no) care woodland, shade plant.

Trillium cuneatum, Sweet Betsy

Easy is good. Needy is bad. Keep that straight!

Welcome Back Betsy!


Sweet Betsy

This plant was sent to me by one of my first garden blogger friends.

I will think of her every spring when it blooms.

Sweet Betsy’s scientific name is Trillium cuneatum.

Sweet Betsy, Trillium cuneatum

It is also called toadshade because of the mottled coloration of its leaves.

It is thriving under the fig tree. Thanks Marian.


Sweet Betsy Trillium

I have a new friend under the fig tree, Sweet Betsy, Trillium cuneatum.


It was sent to me by a fellow blogger, Marian St. Claire of Hortitopia.

I am happy to report that is blooming and spreading.

I learned about this plant at a writer’s workshop

when the two women at my table learned I was a garden blogger,

they both said their favorite flower was ‘Sweet Betsy’.

I was embarrassed to confess that I had never heard of Sweet Betsy.

I shared this story with Marian. She kindly shipped one to me.

That’s how we plant folks are.


Thanks Marian.

I love Sweet Betsy so much I may write a song about her.