The Muhly Fountain

The rain has transformed the Pink Muhly Grass into a fountain. Its draping stalks glisten with drops.

I petted it and the drops converged and ran to the ground.

It feels like delicate, wet feathers.

The drops sparkle. It is a new kind of beautiful.


Muhly in the Morning

Some things are so crazy beautiful that one must pause to take it in. My Muhly Grass in the morning sun does this to me.

Sometimes it glistens with dew.

It has a lovely form and texture and color.

I am happy that it is happy on this slop in a featured spot in my garden.

The morning sun lights it up. The evening sun does, too. I love my Muhly.

Crazy beautiful!


Garden TuTu

There is a pink tutu dancing in my garden.

Be not afraid. I am not gardening in tulle.

It’s my Pink Muhly Grass, Muhlenbergia capillaris.

The wind is blowing and it is putting on a show.

The sun makes it sparkle.

Just when most perennials are headed off stage, here comes ‘Miss Muhly’ dancing in her pink tutu.

What a great show in the garden.  Bravo!


The Heat is Gone

I hope this cool Monday morning is a sign of things to come.

There seems to be a collective sigh from the garden.

Water hyacinth blooming among parrot feather and water lettuce in the pond

This summer has been a struggle.

I have constantly pruned and watered in an effort keep things alive.

The stress has shown in yellowed  leaves,  fragile stems and smaller and fewer flowers.

‘Picotee Blue ‘morning glory single bloom

The tide seems to have turned this morning.

A light rain has plumped up the plants and made them glisten.

Pink Muhly Grass/ Muhlenbergia capillaris

My favorite dahlia, Thomas A. Edison has decided to stand up and bloom at last.

Thomas A Edison dinnerplate dahlia

Let’s hope that we all can thrive for a bit in this cool.

Except for the weeds. They will be killed as usual.