A Plant that Feeds Ants

I was thrilled to discover my first Red Passion flower bloom last week.


When I checked on it the second day, it had all ready closed.


Upon closer examination, I discovered it was covered with tiny ants.


These ants were busily scurrying between tiny green discs on the outer edges of the sepals/calyx.

I at first thought these green discs to be aphids,

but they were too uniformily spaced.


I had to do a little research to discover their identity.

They are tiny nectaries, produced by the plant to feed the ants.

These ants in residence provide services in return.

They guard the plants against aphids and caterpillars.

If you have been following the FLOWER, you have seen my caterpillar photos,

many of which were taken on my wild Passion flower vines.

I have not seen one caterpillar on this Red Passion flower vine.

So the Red Passion plant has pet ants.

Who knew?



I Want the Faith of a Vine

I want the faith a vine has

when it grows up to the height of its trellis

Bleeding Heart Vine/Clerodendrum thomsoniae

and reaches up toward the sun.

Growing past all support.

Passion Flower Vine/ Passiflora hybrid ‘Blue Crown’

Its only mission is to get to the light

which gives it life.

Love in A Puff/ Cardiospermum helicacabum

No turning back.

Hoya carnosa 'Chelsea'

Follow the Light.