The Plant Knows

Plants know things. I know this because I study them.

I want to know What a Plant Knows.

I have read a book by that name written by Daniel Chamovitz.

I also took the Coursera class from Tel Aviv University by that name.


Plants know where they are and the seasons and what they are close to.

I am trying to learn from them. They are teaching me.


This Epiphyllum Orchid cactus never bloomed.

I researched its native habitat.


In Brazil it hangs from the trees.

So I hung it from a tree.



It knows.


Now it blooms every June.

Humans don’t know everything, but we can learn things

even from plants.

Especially from plants… and animals.

They are the ancients.



When is a Leaf not a Leaf?

There really are many answers to this in the world of botany.

In this case I am referring to the puzzling plant, Epiphyllum oxypetalum.

This leggy plant sprawls as it grows. It is in a heavy pot for balance not for root room.


Mine has not bloomed yet, but I am enjoying its peculiar habit of growth.

When is a leaf NOT a leaf?  When it’s a stem.


The orchid cactus has flattened stems that look like leaves with thick veins.

When new leaves pop out from the ends of these veins,


you realize that the leaf was a stem.

Epiphytes that live in trees have different rules than ground plants.

A stem has to serve as a leaf and a stem.

Another lesson in life from a plant.

Thanks nature.


Worth the Wait

I was given a piece of this Epiphyllum three years ago.

It was my first cactus orchid. I have been unsure of how to care for it.

It has grown well but never bloomed..

until today.


I hope I don’t have to wait three more years for another bloom,

but this lovely flower was worth the wait.