Jewels of Opar Self-Sows

I love this ‘Limon’ Jewels of Opar for many reasons.

Jewels of Opar ‘Limon’

The tiny pink blooms are lovely.

The seed pods really do look like glistening jewels in wiry stems.

The leaves have a bright hue that stands out among other greens.

Lastly, it self sows which is a plus if it grows where you want it.

Jewels of Opar

Seedlings do not like to be moved, so I usually pull up plants that are growing where I do not want them.

I am glad ‘Limon’ planted itself because I did not manage to sow most of my seeds this year. The Flower’s garden is in self-service mode most of the time.

Jewels of Opar ‘Limon’ is loved by tiny bees

The stems of flowers and pods/jewels are a beautiful addition in flower arrangements.

Flower loves the Jewels