Jessop is a Jewel

If I dreamed up a tiny plant, it would have striped leaves and tiny dusty-plum-colored flowers.

I do not have to pretend this jewel of a plant exists.

It is really growing all over my garden.

Tucked under planters, beside rocks, between roots.

Tiny little Ledebouria cooperi ‘Jessop’ is a dream come true.

All it needs it a place where it won’t be stepped on.

My ‘Jessop’ is lowly, lovely and dearly loved.

Ledebouria cooperi ‘Jessop’


Itty Bitty Jessop

The tiniest plant in my garden is blooming now.

Ledebouria cooperi ‘Jessop’ is only three inches high.

Ledebouria cooperi ‘Jessop’

I have it planted it by walkways and ponds so it can get noticed by those with a keen eye.

It’s like a tiny treasure hidden in plain sight.

I love its pinstriped leaves.

It is a bulb.

Here is a whole plant.

I am not supposed to have favorites, but the fairies love this one the most.