Japanese Sacred Lilies and Slugs

I usually do not want slugs in my garden, but I do want bright red berries.

I have dozens of Japanese Sacred Lilies/ Rohdea japonica.

It is one of my few evergreen blooming plants, so I keep propagating it.

It is not really attractive, but it is supposed to bring good fortune.

Its blooms look like little corn cobs.

You must closely examine a stalk to discern its floral parts.

I have had these for decades but not one red berry has been produced.

Apparently, the little corn cobs are pollinated by slugs. What else would be drawn to this?

So how does one attract slugs? Will it be worth it to get red berries?

I think I will let things be and hope for the good fortune without the slugs or the berries.


What do you do with an Ugly Plant?

Usually, I have no problem purging a low performer from the garden.

This one however, has “Sacred” in its name and is supposed to be lucky.

Is it therefore bad luck or sacrilege to kill it?

It is said to be rare. How is that possible? It keeps multiplying. I keep dividing…

It is said to be pollinated by slugs.   Just what I want in my gardens!

The blooms look like little pineapples until they turn brown.  Then they look like a tiny corncobs.

Mine have never produced the bright red berries. Maybe I don’t have the right slugs?

It is evergreen, but it smells like formaldehyde.

So now, I have divided two giant clumps again.

Now I have more of this ugly plant.

I bought the Rohdea japonica /Japanese Scared lily from a friend.

I am not sure why. It has never been attractive.

It is deer resistant, so there is no chance that my four-legged friends will help me get rid of it.

Such a conundrum!

Anybody want some?