The Hoodoos

I understand why hoodoos are believed to be spirit people.

There are stories in the stones in Utah.


The stories change as the sun moves across the sky.


Light and shadows add to the details to form faces.


The hoodoos of Bryce Canyon


and towers and pinnacles in Arches National Park defy gravity.


Balanced Rock looked as though it could topple any second.


Some formations have names like the Three Gossips, Tower of Babel, Courthouse and The Organ.


Mr. Flower and I made up names for the many we noticed.


It was our “Game of Stones.”

Flow on the Go


Beautiful Bryce Canyon

I was in awe of the powers of wind and water this whole trip.

Looking over the rim of Bryce Canyon was like looking into another world.

The different areas are called amphitheaters.

The formations have names like chimneys and hoodoos.

Utah was formerly a desert (erg) on the equator.

I have had to go back and brush up on my geology.

The fractured layers of sandstone, limestone and mudstone are differentially eroded.

This leads to the hoodoo formation.

These processes continue today with freeze thaw cycles, rainwater and wind erosion.

Another beautiful example of nature’s art.