During My Absence

I am beginning to question my choice of hobby. I cannot take a break, even when one is desperately needed. I actually feel punished by my plants when they are neglected. The insects seem to take advantage of my absence also.

I have not walked the gardens in over a week. I finally made a quick circle this evening with scissors, watering can and camera. Some changes had occurred.

The first thing that caught my eye was a naked Tomatillo plant.

A Hornworm had stripped it of all but a few small leaves. I hope he was ready to pupate, because there was nothing left to devour and no other Tomatillos nearby.

The Garlic Chives have finished blooming. I must quickly cut off the seed heads or I will have hundreds of Garlic Chives everywhere next spring.

Garlic Chive seed heads

The Hibiscus Trio is still blooming despite my messing up its watering and feeding schedule.

I am very happy to see one of my Writing Spider friends at the usual gutter down spout. Its eggs sac was close-by.

I hastily picked some tomatoes and peppers for an appetizer. Supper will be late again.

There was one constant. The Blue Crown passion vine was still covered in blooms. It has bloomed ALL SUMMER LONG. It was love at first sight and I still adore this plant in its seventh year here.

This gardening is hard work and I am tired of weeding, but nothing bring me more joy than the plants and animals in my garden. I guess I will keep watering, trimming, feeding, weeding… Anything is more fun than housework. Who wants to read a blog about that?


The Hibiscus Circus

I purchased an hibiscus combo pot earlier in the summer.

The colors would be a surprise. It thought this would be fun, anticipating the combination of blooms.

I was pleased with the results. Two ended up being the same type, but were a gorgeous double peach colored.

There was also a stunning red.

The last to bloom was a vibrant pink.

I have loved watching this plant on our deck. It has put on quite a colorful show.

That’s why I call it the ‘Hibiscus Circus.’


An Island of Flowers

Blue Evolvulus

Agave/Century plant

Morning glory vine

Red trumpet vine/ Campsis radicans

Purple Ruellia (per my friend ShrubQueen)

Red Honeysuckle/Lonicera sempervirens



Goldfish plant









Star jasmine/Trachelospermum jasminoides


With all these flowers everywhere, I knew there must be a garden fairy somewhere.

FLOWER felt right at home on the Island of Flowers/Ocracoke, NC.

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day: July 15, 2015

Many garden bloggers send photos of their gardens to http://www.maydreamsgardens.com  MayDreamsGardens to be posted as a group.

I had to rush home yesterday and figure out how to do this.

I have my first widget with my face on it!

So, here are the photos that I took of our garden yesterday.

The first photo is one of many lizards around our stone parking area. I call him “The King” because he likes to climb on the stoneshrooms and sun himself while he stands watch over the garden.

He thinks he's all that!
He thinks he’s all that!

I am working on a future post about ferns, so I took photos of the spores on the underside of the frond.

Autumn Fern frond with sori.
Autumn Fern frond with sori.

My daughter has a lily and rose garden. This is her newest stargazer, Playtime.

Stargazer Lily/Playtime
Stargazer Lily/Playtime

This is my favorite plant. Eucomis/Pineapple lily.

Eucomis/Pineapple lily and bee
Eucomis/Pineapple lily and bee

Blackberry/Leopard lily hybrids
Blackberry/Leopard lily hybrids

Blackberry Lily
Blackberry Lily

Water lily
Water lily

Giant yellow
Giant yellow “No Name” daylily from DSBG

Bleeding Heart Vine Clerodendrum thomasoniae
Jack the Pumpkin showing his true colors.

Bloom day July 15 023
Bleeding Heart Vine Clerodendrum thomsoniae

Sunflower and friends
Sunflower and friends

Hot Chocolate Callas
Hot Chocolate Callas

Dahlias and Alstroemeria/Peruvian lily
Dahlias and Alstroemeria/Peruvian lily

Raphael Daylily
Raphael Daylily

GO visit some gardens around the country at http://www.maydreamsgardens.com Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day

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