The Tiny Train Universe

I am a miniatures enthusiast. You may have picked that up from my fairy posts. I totally lost myself in the Model Train Museum at the Smoky Mountains Railroad.

The walls were lined with every type and size of model train imaginable. The middle of the huge building had train towns set up and running. Whistles were blowing, lights were flashing and tiny people were in action.

Everywhere I looked there were little scenes set up of events. It was a dynamic diorama!

There was a tiny policeman pulling over a reckless driver.

A forest fire being put out by firemen. Oh, I hope those two are okay!

A drive-in movie was being enjoyed by its tiny audience.

A mechanic was fixing his itty bitty delivery truck…

See what you can find in the following photos.

I was so carried away looking at the tiny trains that I almost missed my ride on the real one.

Rose wanted to ride the train as part of her graduation celebration. We are here a few months early. No pressure Rose. You got this girl!

Stay tuned for our adventure aboard the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad.

ALL Aboard!