Glad Again

The gladioli are blooming profusely now.

I am so glad that I moved them from their former, floppy location.

They need sun and staking to thrive. These are inside tomato rings for support.

The stalk I broke off by accident during a photo-shoot has looked lovely in a vase for days.

No wonder it was the “Funeral Flower” in the past.

I think the stalks are beautiful from the back also.

I have two types of white. One has purple pollen.

I am glad that it is Glad time in my garden.


P.S. Be sure to tune in for the FAIRY PARADE next Thursday. It is crazy cute!

A Glad Day

It is a Glad day in my garden.


The colorful spikes of Gladioli are in bloom.

I have acquired many types over the decades.

My favorite hybrid is the well-known Priscilla.


I am also enjoying a new mix for the second year, called Mardis Gras.


Interestingly these Mardi Gras bulbs only bloomed white last year.

Their only distinguishing feature was the purple stamens, instead of the usual white.


More vibrant colors have emerged this season.


These flower spikes must have support or they will bend over, especially after a rain.

This year, I planted them inside a circle of tomato rings with a tall Hibiscus in the center.


It has been a much better arrangement than the “Glads Flop” row last year.