The Disharmonious Symphony

Each night there is a performance by our toads and our frogs.

It’s an amphibious contest of decibels.

The loudest group gains control of the pond.

The toads belt out flats.

While the frogs scream in sharps.

We wish they would quit all their noise and get on with their spawning.

It seems they have forgotten the reason for their calling.

Frog, Loud and full of feces

They are too busy making noise to get busy in the pond.

Why can’t they quiet the raucous and form a caucus,

then quietly copulate each other?



P.S. Amphibians use external fertilization so they do not copulate. I needed them to in this post for my own political purposes.



Smart Frog

You know you don’t have enough to do, when you spend the morning

sneaking up on a frog.


He is skittish and savvy. I think he is smarter than I am.

See him looking my way? Cheeky!