Sparkle and Splash

What is it about water movement that mesmerizes?

I could have sat by the crown fountain all afternoon

listening to the sounds and watching the glistening spray.

As a science teacher, I referred to water as the miracle substance

because of its properties as a solvent and its three phases at natural temperatures.

There is more to water than physics can explain.

It’s movements and reflections are more art than science.

Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden has a water show going on

even when the flowers are taking a break.

The many fountains, pools and canals deserve their own attention.

The afternoon sun gave the splashes plenty of sparkle.


Found Some Fountains

I heard a symphony as I stepped from my car.

So many sounds. Soft and soothing , yet exhilarating.

The instruments had no strings. Water was playing.


Water moving in various volumes at different tempos.

Nature’s music.


Each instrument was unique in it’s shape and sound.


How could anyone just choose one and break up this band.


I never thought of fountain sounds before.


There is usually only one playing a solo.


Not at White House Garden Center in Cornelius, North Carolina.


Here, there are dozens performing together.

Each is as lovely to look at as to listen to.


I went there on an errand and had an adventure.

If you are searching for a fountain.


You will probably find the fountain of your dreams there.