The Decorated Stick

Sometimes I think nothing is going on around here

and then I look and realize I have been missing things.

My expensive stick ( Edgeworthia / Chinese Paper Bush) that turned into a lovely shrub over the summer has become a decorated stick.


Its leaves have dropped to reveal silky white buds hanging down like holiday baubles.


These glow in the morning sunshine.


Things happen in the garden year-round in the south.

You just have to pay close attention to notice.



Stick to Shrub

Back in March I posted about a stick I purchased from a local nursery.

Mr. Flower saw it as an expensive stick, but I saw more.

I saw lush green leaves covered with dew drops.


I saw speckled bark the color of cinnamon.


I saw white tight buds that will turn into yellow chandeliers in winter.


My visions have come to fruition.


This is what brings me joy.

My Edgeworthia / Chinese Paper Bush a treasure.



The Expensive Stick

If you are reading this blog, you all ready know that I am obsessed with plants.

Not the big-box garden center, common, cheap variety; but the expensive search-the-world-over kind.

My obsession sometimes leads to sinning, as in coveting someone else’s plants.

I am ashamed to admit this is true.  Breaking a commandment over a plant.

(Yes, Gail K.  I coveted your Edgeworthia.)

I have always wanted a paperbush shrub, but feared one would not survive in zone 7.

When I saw one blooming in a neighbor’s yard I almost ran off the road.

Thoughts of coming back late at night with a shovel crossed my mind.

Do they have a dog?  Would the chickens squeal on me?

So I was thankful to find an Edgeworthia chrysantha at one of my go-to places for the strange and obscure.

It was dormant.  It looked like a stick. There was no tag.  I had to buy it on faith.  Lots of faith.

Mr. Flower looked at the pot with the stick in it and the expensive price tag with a puzzled look.

“It’s on my LIST.”  I said.   “Gail has one…”

There is no arguing with a woman obsessed.

My new baby is sprouting leaves.

I hope these don’t end up being expensive snacks for our herd of deer.

But that’s another story. (Stay tuned)

P.S. Here is a picture of the bunnies. (Gail doesn’t have bunnies.)