Lovin’ Some Lucifer

Montbretia ‘Lucifer’ demands attention wherever it grows.

Montbretia ‘Lucifer’/ Crocosmia crocosmiiflora

I have it on banks, at corners and along walkways.

The only thing ‘Lucifer’ needs to be fabulous is a little support while blooming.

Its rocket red blooms are on long arching stems in a triangular pattern.

The red and yellow buds are beautiful also.

It grows from little brown corms similar to gladiolas.

Anyone who loves red flowers and hummingbirds should grow some ‘Lucifer’ in the garden.


P.S. A New Zealand reader shared this link about Lucifer being a pest in some places. I have added it below. Lucifer has been in my gardens for years and has not presented itself as a problem…yet. It is super easy to grow which may mean it is super hard to kill


Flying Lucifer

This plant always grabs my attention in the garden.

It’s not just that fire engine red.


It’s not just those spiky leaves.


It’s that stealth-like configuration of blooms


that looks like it could take off from the stem and zoom into the sky.

They are flying in formation today.


I love Lucifer!




Lovin’ some Lucifer

This crazy bloomer is another “top three” for me.

Montbretia is a perennial bulb.  The genus is Crocosmia. 

There are also yellow and orange forms, but Lucifer is the superstar.

It is deer resistant and rodent resistant.

It likes full to partial sun.  No special water or fertilizer treatment is required.

Support is needed as the hundreds of blooms develop on each stem.


The structure of the whole plant forms a lovely three to four foot fan.


Each stem has alternate arms which hold an array.


It’s easy to miss the beauty of each bright red flower, because of the number of blooms.


Even the buds are works of art.


Easy care plant, deer resistant and beautiful.