Shapeshifter Succulent

This tiny plant is a trickster. It looks like silver little rosettes from spring to fall.

Chinese Dunce Cap beginning to elongate.

Eventually it elongates into cones that are tall and will have tiny flowers on them in October.

There are several forms of Orostachys/ Chinese Dunce Cap. This one is O. boehmeri.

It likes full sun and dry conditions.

Flow nearing Fall

Little Blue Beauty

This tiny sweetie pie, Orostachys boehmeri, has been growing in the wrong places for a long time.

It has survived, but not thrived…

until now.

I created the perfect niche.

Orostachys boehmeri , Chinese Dunce Cap

Warmed by stones, perfect drainage, protection from trampling…

It is the happiest it has ever been.

Are you growing in the right spot?